Sadly, Nils-Olof passed away on August 14, 2015.
This site is a copy of his original, which no longer exists.

The home page of Nils Olof Carlin

Since April -14 in Onslunda, a small village in the south of Sweden, at 55.60deg N, 14.06 deg E

This page has been dormant for a long time, but I hope to do some updating in time.

right now you can find:

When is a center spot on a secondary mirror visible?

The spherical aberration of a paraboloid mirror for objects of finite distance

Mirror edge supports - an attempt to find out just how sensitive they are to small errors of adjustment. You may be surprised how little it takes to cause serious astigmatism or other image degradation in a thin, large mirror.

Some pages about various aspects of collimating Newtonian telescopes:


Some Amateur Telescope Making projects:


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