Parts list: Equatorial Platform Stepper Motor Driver printed circuit board.

C1                                10 MF  25 vdc tantalum
C2 ,C4-C6,C11            0.1 MF  25vdc ceramic
C3                                0.1 MF  polycarbonate, metallized polyester/polypropylene or other temperature-stable type 
C7-C10                        470 pF ceramic
CR1-CR4                     N914/1N4148 or similar  hi-speed switching rectifier diode
CR5                             1N4001 or similar power rectifier diode
LED1                           Red/Green bi-color two lead. (See note 2 with schematic)
ZD1                             1N5223B 5.6 volt 500mw zener diode(See note 3 with schematic)
LSW1-LSW2                Micro-switch (common in normally closed position)
Q1-Q4                          IRF 510 thru 520 series N-channel power mosfet
U1                                CD4013B dual JK flip flop
U2                                CD4070B quad exclusive OR gate
U3                                CD4066B quad switch
U4-U5                          TL084 quad JFET op amp
5 ea. 14 pin IC sockets   Machine pin collet socket recommended

All resistors are 1/8 watt but you can use 1/4 watt if you have them. Board is designed to accommodate that size resistor.

R1,R9-12,R16-R17         22 Kohm
R19,R21,R23,R25          22 Kohm
R27,R29,R31,R33          22 Kohm
R2,R7,R13-R15             10 Kohm
R18,R20,R22,R24          10 Kohm
R26,R28,R30,R32          10 Kohm
R3-R4                           2.2 Kohm
R5-R6                           20 Kohm trim pot. Board design to accommodate several different                                                                                  
                                     foot prints.
R8                                Actual value will be dependent on your design and location to hit     
                                     the desired rate of rotation. (See note 1 with schematic)
JP1                               .1 inch (2.54mm) post shunt
J1/P1                             2 pin male PCB connector or header and female wire connector.
J2/P2                             3 pin male PCB connector or header and female wire connector
J3/P3                             6 pin male PCB connector or header and female wire connector
J4/P4                             2 pin male PCB connector or header and female wire connector
J5/P5                             8 pin Mini DIN male panel mount connector and female wire conn                          
Par Jack                       2 lead panel mount power jack and female wire connector as 
                                      found on wall wart AC outlet plug-in transformers.
SW1                              panel mount  SPST switch
F1                                 5x200mm fuse. (see note 5 with schematic)
Fuse holder                   panel mount fuse holder such as RadioShack 270-362
Enclosure                      PACTEC LH55-130 plastic enclosure.